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Technical Specifications

Table 4

Index of Protection
IP *** index of protection for enclosures of electrical equipment as per IS 2147 13947 Part 1 (1993) Upto 1000 V ~ and 1500 V

 1st figure :  protection against solid bodies  2nd figure :  protection against liquids  3rd figure :  mechanical protection
IP tests   IP tests   IP tests  
0   NO protection 0   NO protection 0   NO protection
1 Protected against solid bodies larger than 50 mm (eg.: accidental contact with the hand) 1
Protected against vertically - falling drops of water (condensation) 1 Impact energy 0.225 joule
2 Protected against solid bodies larger than 12 mm (eg.: finger of the hand) 2 Protected against drops of water falling up to 15o from the vertical (condensation) 2 Impact energy 0.375 joule
3 Protected against solid bodies larger than 2.5 mm (eg.: tools, wires) 3 Protected against drops of rain water upto 60 o from the vertical 3 Impact energy 0.500 joule
4 Protected against solid bodies larger than 1 mm (fine toos and small wires) 4 Protected against projections of water from al direction 5 Impact energy 2.00 joule
5 Protected against dust (no harmful deposit) 5 Protected against jets of water from all direction 7 Impact energy 6.00 joules
6 Completely Protected against dust 6 Protected against jets of water of similar force to heavy seas 9 Impact energy 20.00 joules

The contents of the above chart are for guidance only. If you have any doubts as to the interpretation of the information contained therein, please refer either to the standard itself or contact 'FCG'.

7 Protected against the effects of immersion  
8 Protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure
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